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Thermal Imaging Included where deemed appropriate by the inspector.

Thermal Image(IR) Energy Audit – Locate Your Heat Losses

Many issues that are not visible to the eye do not show in a standard visual home inspection.   

Are you concerned about energy savings and the possible locations of air infiltration, water leaks and poorly insulated areas of your home?     

 Infrared Imaging will help locate these problem areas(at the right time of year).

There are Many Uses for Infrared Imaging:

Air Leaks - Detect air leaks around windows, doors, and other structures. Repairing them saves energy and money.

  • Missing or Poor Insulation - Locate poor insulation quickly by detecting and comparing differences with surrounding areas (SEEN ABOVE).

  • Water Damage - Find and fix hidden water leaks quickly before small problems become big, expensive problems (SEEN BELOW)

  • Electrical Problems - Finding hidden electrical problems. (note the warm breaker below in the center)

  • Furnace Problems - Discover leaking ductwork, and radiant flooring problems to maximize energy efficiency.

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